Tomohiro NAGAHATA “Baby Oil On Canvas”

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We are pleased to present “Baby Oil on Canvas”, solo exhibition of Tomohiro Nagahata, an artist based at The National Museum of Art Okutama (Ome, Tokyo) at LOKO GALLERY. Recently, his colossal work – a harmonious aggregation of painting, manga, and sculpture – was exhibited at The Vision of Contemporary Art 2021, striking an impact to the viewers. At this exhibition, the artist will present his latest installation works consisting of the artist’s indispensable three pillars.

Nagahata is an artist who could emancipate the viewer’s perception in a straightforward way. His creation or the artwork title mostly has reference from subcultural matters, or is an integration of puns, letting the viewers to ‘feel before thinking!’. His previous works incorporated mixture of everyday-life-reality and fiction, which evolved to reflect the fact his son was born at the beginning of this year. He creates various “Its” by taking infants’ genuine state – before they gain linguistic skills – as a source of infinite possibilities.

As a new attempt, Nagahata made a short film that features his family members as he introduces his sculpture creation process. The bizarre world of dynamic paintings and twisty sculptures shooting out from the artist’s heart may be a hint for us to regain fresh senses lost from the stifling world we live in.

「Baby Oil On Canvas」CM (First part)
「Baby Oil On Canvas」CM (Later part)

Cast: Tomohiro Nagahata, Aiko Nagahata, Hajime Nagahata
Shooting and Editing: Atsushi Yamamoto, Tomohiro Nagahata
Photographer: Masashi Mikuma
Lighting: Sota Kodera

ARTIST PROFILE: Tomohiro Nagahata

永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《コマわり大陸 / Komawari continent》2021, Wood, plywood, water-based paint, 42×47cm[撮影:三熊將嗣]
永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《3M 自由形/ 3M freestyle》2021, Iron, plaster, styrofoam, water-based paint, 30×35×40cm[撮影:三熊將嗣]
永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《ブラッシュストローくん》2021年、鉄、漆喰、水性塗料、105×63×50cm[撮影:赤石隆明]
永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《The baby》2021年、ワイヤー、鉄、漆喰、水性塗料、93×67×56cm[撮影:赤石隆明]
永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《ヌルコ》2021年、鉄、漆喰、水性塗料、木、刷毛、149×100×45 cm[撮影:赤石隆明]