Shoko MASUNAGA “replace”

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Artists in the gallery days : November 13th, 21th, December 5th, 12th.

LOKO GALLERY is proud to present Shoko Masunaga’s exhibition “replace”. Upon planning her exhibition, Masunaga began by observing the gallery’s exterior, atrium structure, the skylight letting in natural light, and the difference between ground floor and second floor space – to examine the purpose of the environment where her works are placed, and how time is indicated. Through this exhibition, Masunaga attempts to integrate the act of viewing with visual and conceptual effects which derives from the interrelation of the environment and the painting’s scale, shape, and color, by compiling tableaus on the wall which could also complete as a solo piece. The paintings available for reassembling or replacement are unbound by traditions, giving viewers the possibility to recreate by themselves and to intrigue their initiative. We welcome visitors to witness Masunaga’s latest works.

Top:《D-1》2021, Acrylic paints, pencils, canvas on wooden frame, 803×652×25mm
Middle:《D-2》2021, Acrylic paint, pencil, canvas on shaped panel, 900×800×25mm
Bottom:《D-3》2021, Acrylic paints, pencils, canvas on wooden frame, 727×500×25mm

 Shoko MASUNAGA “replace”

Painting and sculpture intersect in many of my works which begins by considering the relationship of the environment or space where it is exhibited. Therefore, the artistic means is widely ranged, although there is one thing in common – that the painting holds dynamism and is available for exchange and replacement.

When I first visited LOKO GALLERY and saw its exterior, I received an impression as if three black, massive boxes were piled up, slightly unadjusted. In my opinion, this personal experience influence how the exhibited works inside may be seen in no small way. Those brightly colored may seem even more brighter and lighter, or the other way around. Once the viewer’s body enters a space with high ceiling where natural light comes in, they may forget what they saw outside. Beside the fact that each has different eyes and experience, how the works are seen diverge by the effect of natural light which shifts by each hour, each day.

At such a place, I will present my recent works which consist of piled up canvas.
This series developed from questioning what paintings could do by depending on architectural features such as the floor or the wall. At the ground floor, I pile up from the floor, while at the second floor I challenged to pile down from the ceiling¬ to make the space – sandwiched between ground floor and 3rd floor – have a glimpse of pressured feel to retrieve the exterior of LOKO GALLERY from the interior.

I want to create works that makes the viewers to recall places unseen in front of them or lets them discover something from the surrounding environment.

Before I begin my creative process, I start by setting rule or algorithm so that I could avoid the unique compatibility happening naturally on my body, especially those in my hands and eyes, as much as possible. I always try to create or encounter something different from myself by myself. When I set some sort of rule, I have a solid sense that “the privilege to create a rule by myself” is connected to my philosophy.

This time, as a rule, I decided to use the outline of a support as a guide when drawing lines on a different support and let each support (such as canvas or panel) become independent while interfering to each other. What is drawn on the support as a motif is the outline of another support – vice versa could happen and repeat replacement. This is realized through correlation and is replaceable, somewhat tricky, which keeps our point of view unsettled from particular piece or color.

I intend to present painting with dynamism beyond physicality through instant replacement of the motif and support, and the shift of subtle color when the arrangement is changed.


Shoko MASNAGA interview

1980 Born in Osaka, Japan
2001 Graduated from Seian Zokei Junior College ( Painting ) , Kyoto Lives and works in Kanagawa, based on Tokyo
2018 -2019 Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists (Dispatch destination, N.Y.)

Solo Exhibitions
2019 “Box, Box, Box”/ Cooler Gallery (Brooklyn New York)
2018 “CRITERIUM 93 Shoko Masunaga” / Gallery 9, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki)
2016 “RURAN TADD PADAN-PADAN” / Gallery yolcha, Osaka
2016 “Platform” / LOOP HOLE, Tokyo
2015 “Abstract Butter at HAGISO” / HAGISO, Tokyo
2013 “Line / Color” / ART TRACE Gallery, Tokyo
2012 “Abstract Butter” / Nidi Gallery, Tokyo
2010 “Tachiifurumai ” / No.12Gallery, Tokyo
2012 “Symphony” / Gallery Face to Face, Tokyo
2011 “The Flower of the Fig” / Gallery yolcha, Osaka
2010 “illustrative sentence of tha corridor” “Time of cleaning ” / Ikejiri Institute of Design, Tokyo
2009 “Tile Exhibition” / Cafe ALASKA, Tokyo
2009 “marunouchinokichi” / Marunouchi Cafe, Tokyo
2008 “Shoko Masunaga Exhibition” / No.12 Gallery, Tokyo
2005 “show-co Exhibition” / Gallery CASO, Osaka

Selected Exhibitions & Activities
2021 “Face Up” Satoshi Uchiyama, Hideyo Ohtsuki, Akira Kawasaki, Yasuo Tanaka, Shoko Masunaga, Yusuke Mitsufuji / Somewhere (Tokyo)
2020 “Ordinary objects” Alex Dodge, Shoko Masunaga, Ryosuke Ogino, Fuminao Suenaga / Maki Fine Arts (Tokyo)
2019 “Behind the Seen”/ NARS Foundation (Brooklyn New York)
2017 “VOCA(The vision of contemporary art)” A recommender : Naoki Yoneda(The National Art Center Tokyo)/ The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2016 “3331Art Fair” A recommender : Tomoko Yabumae( Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) / Arts Chiyoda,Tokyo
2016 “At night when I gat home” / milkyeast, Tokyo
2015 ignore your perspective31 “means of making painting” / Kodama Gallery, Tokyo
2015 ignore your perspective30″ CHAIN REACTION” / Kodama Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “This is what in the mailbox” / IONIO&ETNA, Tokyo
2015 “Three desks” / ArtCenter Ongoing,Tokyo
2014 “Medium Conditions” / HAGISO, Tokyo

2017 Holbein Scholarship

Artist In Residence
2018-2019 NARS Foundation(International Residency Program) / Brooklyn New York

「H-3」2021年、アクリル、鉛筆、コンパネ、 270x230mm
「H-1」2021年、アクリル、鉛筆、キャンバス、木枠、 1167x803mm
「A - 1」2021年、アクリル、鉛筆、キャンバス、木枠、 652x455mm
「A - 2」2021 年、アクリル、鉛筆、キャンバス、木枠 、652x455mm
「A - 3」2021 年、アクリル、鉛筆、木製パネル、 900x340mm