Yuka MORI|”Portrait in the rain” DOHJIDAI GALLERY
The 5th Anniversary on July 2021
Chie KODA|Permanent exhibit at KISO”YOSHINAKA MUSEUM”
We have started to introduce our works on Artsy
森夕香 | 「Suujin Visual Reader 崇仁絵読本」京都市立芸術大学ギャラリー@KCUA
佐々木成美|グループ展「TRiCERA x WHAT CAFE double exhibitions」天王洲WHAT CAFE
安部悠介|グループ展「THE ヨエロ寸 -尋-」京都VOU/棒
古川日出男|コロナ時代の銀河 朗読劇『銀河鉄道の夜』無料配信
永畑智大|グループ展「VOCA展 2021」上野の森美術館
井上りか子|FACE展 2021 審査員特別賞 受賞
木村彩子|グループ展「カオスモス6 沈黙の春に」佐倉市立美術館
Yuka MORI | “Ichiboku Isso” Kyoto, Kaikado Café
Chie KODA, Akira KAMO|Group exhibition at TSUNAGI ART MUSEUM, Kumamoto
Notice of Winter Closure
Tomohiro NAGAHATA | “Sustainable Sculpture” KOMAGOME SOKO
Eyal Segal | Solo Exhibition “LEVIATHAN” released online catalog
Eyal Segal |On Art. Video Festival, Poland. Awarded (2# place) for the best video art
Chie KODA|Group Exhibition “MEMORY OF PLACE : ANAMNESIS” from October 22 at Arts Maebashi
Notice of Change of Business Days and Hours
Tomohiro NAGAHATA | “My name is Raisin Rum” exhibited at artTNZ
Tomohiro NAGAHATA | artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA, September 17−21, 2020
We start ”Drawings” online sale site from July 21st
Our website has been renewed
Eyal Segal | Solo Exhibition “LEVIATHAN” at Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv
Ryo SHIMIZU Information 2020
Masahiro WADA | Go for it! Video archive exhibition for crowdfunding
Chie KODA | VOCA Award-winning works are displayed
Masahiro WADA | Crowdfunding for film production is in progress
Yuka MORI | Solo Exhibition “Spreading vein” at Gallery Suijin, Kyoto
We exhibited at Sydney Contemporary 2019
Hana TOBARI | Group exhibition at Kawaguchi city
Hana TOBARI | Group exhibition at Iina park Kawaguchi
Hana TOBARI | Video of work in the studio