Tomohiro Nagahata

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1983 Born in Tokyo, Japan.
2010 Musashino Art University, Department of Sculpture BA
Sculpture, MANGA, and The National Museum of Art Okutama are the three pillars of his work.
He is currently working as a manga artist under the name Family Restaurant, serialized in the magazine “Ax” (Seirin Kogeisha).

Solo Exhibitions
2020 “Katadori Anniversary from the Komawari Continent”  Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2017 “Family Restaurant” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2015 “IT’OK” PS2 Gallery, Northern Ireland
2015 “Forest Cooperative Sexy Potential” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2012 “B Giants” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition
2021 “The Vision of Contemporary Art 2021” The Ueno Royal Museum,Tokyo
2020 “Drawings“/ LOKO GALLERY, Tokyo
2019 “December’s Aurora” LOKO GALLERY, Tokyo
2019 “October’s Aurora” MOAO, Tokyo

Art Fair
2020 artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA/ TERRADA ART COMPLEX, Tokyo

2016 “AX” winner of the Special Manga Newcomer Award

Artist Website

Tomohiro NAGAHATA | “My name is Raisin Rum” exhibited at artTNZ
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