Moe KIMURA “Garden of Dough”

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Artists in the gallery days : June 4th, 6th, 11th, 17th, 27th.

We are pleased to present artist Moe Kimura’s exhibition “Garden of Dough,” her first solo presentation after she graduated from Tokyo University of the Art MA last spring.

In Kimura’s paintings appear subjects without a precise name—what seems to be wires or wooden pieces. Although they physically exist, they lack idea of usage and are left in reality with unsettledness. However, with a sense of attachment, Kimura calls these unique creatures “dough” and let them exist in her paintings. Her canvas tightly attaches cloth to wooden frame, which effectively lets her drawings hold lively transparency while drawing out subtle realm of light and shadows.

Kimura studied at Oil Painting Technique and Material Course during her MA studies which led her to study silk painting at Vietnam. The artist recalls she was intrigued by their painting technique—literally fabric dying—because of its similarity to Japanese sensuality of space. This exhibition will present latest works developed from Grand Prix-winning work at Kamiyama Foundation 6th Graduation Exhibition (2020). This exhibition is an important chance to witness the talented young artist’s debut.


Dough is a material, a substitutional form.
This existence without a name quietly plays in the space and exists as it is.

I keep searching for the form to let the existence ground:
Combining fragments of wood, stones, vinyl, wires on my table.
Light hits darkness and meld in, giving depth to the uncertain objects.

Transparent cloth awakens consciousness to the flat nature of paintings as well as the physicalness of a cloth being attached to the wooden frame. By incorporating light inside the cloth, the color keeps changing as time passes by. I find beauty in this vague, unstable state questioning substantiality.

Vision senses the existence of wall and wooden frame along with the drawn images
which transforms through light.
The images vaguely fade through —still the presence seems unquestionable.

Moe Kimura


木村萌 Moe KIMURA《ドウ(遣い)/ Dough (Angel)》2021年、綿布、水彩、水干絵具、130.3×97×4cm
木村萌 Moe KIMURA《ドウ(遣い)/ Dough (Familiar)》2021年、綿布、水彩、水干絵具、130.3×97×4cm
木村萌「小焼けのドウ」2020年、シルク、水彩、胡粉、90×90×4cm、帝京大学 収蔵作品/Moe KIMURA, "sunset dough", 2020, silk, water color, white pigment, 90×90×4cm, Collection of Teikyo University
木村萌 Moe KIMURA《悪庭(シリーズ)/ The Island (series)》2017年〜、木材、油彩、サイズ可変
木村萌 Moe KIMURA《やぐら / Yagura》2021年、綿布、水彩、水干絵具、52×52×4cm
木村萌 Moe KIMURA《月の夜 / Moonlit night》2021、絹、水彩、アクリル絵具、水干絵具、27.3×22×2.5cm