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LOKO GALLERY is pleased to announce a dual show by the Japanese-style painting artist Yuka Mori and the sculptor Hana Tobari. Although Mori’s original bodily expressions and Tobari’s heavy metal sculptures appear to be very different at first glance, an unexpected joint essence can be observed if you appreciate their works deeply.

‘Boundaries’ might be the keyword that links these works. While Mori attempts to eliminate the consciousness of the borders between ‘nature and human’ and ‘yourself and others’, Tobari’s theme unites the visible outside and the invisible inside and develops a relationship between them. Both artists seek to cross borders and allow a fusion of the inside and outside.

It is also interesting to compare their selection of materials. Tobari exposes the ‘flow of nature’ by using the chemical properties of steel that deforms through eventual thermal stress and rusts. In the Japanese-style paintings, Mori chooses media to emulate a ‘smooth texture’, such as the skin of a beautiful woman or a sense of moisture and temperature. Mori changes media flexibly to create ‘a painting that stimulates the memory of the five senses’. Thus, although these two artists belong to very different genres, they are closely connected as they both select media and create works based on their actual feelings.

[Reception]7 September 18:00 –

ARTIST PROFILE: Yuka Mori Hana Tobari

森夕香 Yuka MORI《それでしかない体と離脱可能なマインド》 2016 / 麻紙・岩絵具・水干絵具 / 2040×1150 mm・2040×1150 mm [photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《最初の雨にふられる》 2016 / 麻紙・岩絵具・水干絵具 / 333×242 mm[photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《爽やかな苦》 2016 / 麻紙・膠・岩絵具・水干絵具・胡粉 / 606×727 mm [photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《風呂場の幽霊は私》 2016 / 麻紙・岩絵具・水干絵具 / 333×242 mm[photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《朝シャンと事件》 2016 / 麻紙・岩絵具・水干絵具 / 333×242 mm[photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《シャワー室の効能》 2016 / 麻紙・岩絵具・水干絵具 / 333×242 mm[photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《没》 2016 / 麻紙・岩絵具・水干絵具 / 727×606 mm [photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《離れてみる》 2016 / キャンバス・天然白亜・顔料・膠・油絵具 / 910×1167 mm [photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
森夕香 Yuka MORI《思考 - 足》 2016 / キャンバス・天然白亜・顔料・膠・油絵具 / 910×1167 mm[photo:Masaru YANAGIBA]
戸張花 Hana TOBARI《MASS》 2014 / 鉄 / 1100×1100×1100 mm
戸張花 Hana TOBARI《NEXUS》 2015 / 鉄 / 1160×745×870 mm