Yukari ARAKI ”Gravity of vision”

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LOKO GALLERY is pleased to announce Aichi-based artist Yukari Araki’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo.

Araki’s work first came to prominence through her solo exhibition ‘Something which is everything and nothing’ in the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (2012) and was then seen in the group show ‘WABI SABI SHIMA’ in Brussels (2015). Araki has been working on sculptures assembled from monotone materials since 2010. Her sculptural works are constructed from women’s accessories and daily necessities and are imbued with a sense of both feminine beauty and a touch of the grotesque.

‘I treat all materials equally’, Araki has said. She uses materials from animals and plants to industrial products, and when the diversified materials are bundled according to the ‘same colour’-rule, their original functions and meanings are renounced; through the emphasis on their shape and colour, they close in on us like unknown creatures.These distortions in the assembled materials reshape our old prejudices and perspectives, dissimilating our sensibilities.

The theme of this exhibition is ‘Gravity’. It displays Araki’s unique vision of the comprehension and distortion of the governing role that gravity has in our world.

[Reception]30 September 18:00 –