Keisuke KONDO・Hideo FURUKAWA [ Dan-dan-dan, Tan-tan-tan and Tale-tale-tales ]

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“Dan Dan Dan. Tan Tan Tan.” is the duo show by the painter Keisuke Kondo and the novelist Hideo Furukawa. It’s been four years since the duo has had an exhibition. This will be the third exhibition since they began working together. The first two shows were the 2011 “E・Toho Kyofu Tan”(Picture・East Horror Story) and then the “Fuku・Toho Kyofu Tan” (Overturn・East Horror Story) in 2012.

The title “Dan Dan Dan. Tan Tan Tan.” was established from a number of improvised collaborative sessions. Without any pre-meeting, Kondo and Furukawa face each other across a sheet of white paper, Kondo draws a line and Furukawa writes some text in response. Through the repetition of this process, the Chinese character “譚 / Tan” (Story) became “淡 / Tan” (Slight) then again into “談 / Dan” (Talk). Finally, the meaning of the words would be lost and all that would remain is the beat of the rhythm “Dan Dan Tan Tan”.

The overlaps of these sounds and characters link closely to the content of the exhibition. Kondo and Furukawa visited the construction site of the LOKO GALLERY which has high ceilings. They were struck by the idea to pile up their paintings and their words. “Dan Dan Dan” is the sound from the construction site, the sound of gallery being constructed upwards is also the sound of works of art piling up. In the exhibition space, the layers of stories pile up as a form of painting and the exhibition forms like a narrative collection.

The layers will be connected by the eyes of the visitors, and then the exhibition comes to completion. The Syllables of “Tan Tan Tan” include elements such as the sound of visitors’ footsteps and the rhythm of climbing up stairways.
Additionally, the works from their first collaboration “E・Toho Kyofu Tan” will be exhibited in the show. The history of their resonance will emerge from many perspectives.

[Live drawing and writing]
“Draw & write, right now!”
11 August 16:30 –

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