Drawings 16 Artists

Draw a line.

What exactly is contained in that aggregate of dots?
Like countless stars floating on a celestial body intertwining, a line slides across the paper.

The communities and social structures surrounding us are currently in a period of reconnecting the dots and drawing new lines. These lines are drawn from the present, where we are at a significant juncture in time and space.

On the occasion of the reopening of LOKO GALLERY on Friday, July 10th, we are pleased to announce the “Drawing Exhibition” of 16 artist’s works.

The lines drawn by the artists who have responded to this time will be the future trajectory.
Please enjoy the latest drawings by connecting with us.


Participating Artists(random order)

  • Masahiro Wada >>
  • Yuka MORI >>
  • Hana TOBARI >>
  • Chie KODA >>
  • Todo >>
  • Sequoyah AONO >>
  • Ryo SHIMIZU >>
  • Yusuke ABE >>
  • Akira KAMO >>
  • Moeko KAGEYAMA >>
  • Narumi SASAKI >>
  • Ville Andersson >>
  • Asa HIRAMATSU >>
  • Tomohiro NAGAHATA >>
  • Masahiro SATSUKA >>
  • Seigo AOKI

We start an online sale site this exhibition

Date: 2020.7.21(TUE)12:00 – 8.30(SUN)

Drawings 16 artists


ARTIST PROFILE: Masahiro WADA Chie KODA Hana TOBARI Yuka MORI Yusuke ABE TODO Ryo SHIMIZU Sequoyah AONO Ville Andersson Tomohiro NAGAHATA Akira KAMO Asa Hiramatsu Masahiro SATSUKA Narumi SASAKI