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LOKO GALLERY is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Seigo Aoki, “Spin This World,” which has been postponed due to the prevention of the new coronavirus’s spread. Aoki has a 30-years career as an artist and has been active in Japan and abroad.

The two series of Aoki’s representative works use only three primary colors of light, red, blue, and green. The first one is oil painting composed of a circle (○), a triangle (△), and a square (□) symbols drawn one by one. And the other series of shadow portraits drawn with three colored pencils. Aoki selects the information he has taken in by defining a strict drawing method for each piece and “erases it as he draws it,” while at the same time remaining someone’s presence beyond the process.

In recent years, he put on the solo exhibition at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art at Aichi. He participated in the group exhibition of “TSA Triennial of Contemporary Art” at Shanghai Wotong Art Museum. It is the first time for him to hold a solo exhibition at LOKO GALLERY and held for the first time in 5 years in Tokyo.
Please take this opportunity to see his work.

Artist in the gallery : 10/2, 3, 9, 17, 23, 28(15:00-), 30(17:00-), 31(All day)


There may always be a pair in this world.
There is light because there is darkness, and there is yang because there is yin.
Isn’t it impossible to make only one of them exist?

It represents the world axis concept as the ecosystem in which we live on earth.

The world comprises a collection of atoms, and each element is related to each other, coming into effect, forming an organic connection and breadth.

There are various events in this world, memories, and emotions in the past. I want to follow through the drawing process on the state of this world that accepts kindness and cruelty, which emerges and fades away.

Seigo AOKI

Seigo AOKI
1964 Born in Chiba, Japan
1991 Bachelor’s degree in Oil Painting Department of Fine Arts, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
1993 Training completed Graduate school of Art, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
1994 MFA Graduate School of Art, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

Solo exhibitions
2017 “Cosmos” Toyota Municipal Museum of Art | Room9 (Aichi, Japan)
2017 “Cosmos” GAKEI GIMLET SAAS (Kyoto, Japan)
2016 “Shadows” GAKEI GIMLET SAAS (Kyoto , Japan)
2015 “Touching the light and darkness” Satellite Gallery of Aichi University of Arts (Nagoya, Japan)
2015 “Night and Day” Gallery Camellia (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 “Skin behind the eyes, Shadows100 parson to Japan from Portugal” GAKEI GIMLET SAAS (Kyoto, Japan)
2014 “Touching the light and darkness” T&S gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2013 “Forest of Certification” New Artist Exhibition” Kawaguchi Municipal Art Gallery Atlia (Saitama, Japan)
2011 “Allogeneic Forest” Ai Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2010 “Skin behind the eyes White Color” Ai Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2009 “White Canvas” Hidaka House Open Studio (Saitama, Japan)
2008 “Deep Breath of Seeing” Watanabe Gallery (Saitama, Japan)
2007 “What You See and What You Can’t See” Gallery Caru (Fukushima, Japan)
2006 “Meaning of seeing” Gallery Kaku (Tokyo, Japan)
2005 “Beyond the Gaze” Futaba Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2004 “Skin behind the eyes, Size of the Room 1 eyes,Scale of the room” Futaba Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2004 “Skin behind the eyes, Size of the Room 2” Mixed Media (Shizuoka, Japan)
2002 “From Skin Behind the Eyes to Skin of the Heart” Exhibit LIVE (Tokyo, Japan)
2001 “Skin behind the eyes” Kawaguchi Contemporary Art Studio (Saitama, Japan)
1999 GALLERY CYRANO / (Tokyo, Japan)
1998 Suicatou (Tokyo, Japan)
1997 Oregon Moon Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
1995 INAX Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
1992 Gallery Takeuti (Nagoya, Japan)
1992 GALLERY Q (Tokyo, Japan)
1991 G-ART GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)

​​Group Exhibitions
​2018 “The2nd TSA Contemporary Art Triennale 2018 Shanghai” Shanghai Undou Art Museum (Shanghai, China)
​2017 “Soranifuror” Seigo Aoki, Yukari Bunya, Galleria Finarte. Gallerya Finarte (Nagoya, Japan)
​2017 “Draw. Copy. Write, Drawing now” Seigo Aoki, Satosi Asano, Motoazabu Gallery (Yamanashi, Japan)
2016 “You Meet Art, Kawaguchi” Welcomed the 10th anniversary Kawaguchi Municipal Art Gallery Atlia
2016 Kawaguchi station square Administration Center (Saitama, Japan)
2016 “ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO 2016” PARK HOTEL TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 “Openrs”2016 Art space Kan (Kyoto, Japan)
2016 “gengenten 2016” (Fukushima, Japan)
2015 “ART OSAKA” Hotel Granvia Osaka (Osaka, Japan)
2012 “Spin Japanese Art Now: Skillful and Delicate” Poramoraarte Galeria (Portugal)
2011 “Hakotohito” X+Y / Gallery PSYS and Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art (Shizuoka, Japan)
2008 “EXHIBITION FROM HOMAM2008” Residence of Mackenzie (Shizuoka, Japan)
2008 “20th Anniversary Exhibition” Watanabe Gallery (Saitama, Japan)
2008 “Hoyu Gakuin Teachers’ Exhibition” T&S Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2006 “With Exhibition” Taira Salon (Iwaki, Fukushima)
2004 “Threads, 2004 One Hundred Years of Comfort” Exhibit LIVE (Tokyo, Japan)
2004 “Memorable Landscapes” Nagoya City Archives (Nagoya, Japan)
2003 “People, 2003 One Hundred Years of Comfort” Exhibit LIVE (Tokyo , Japan)
2002 “Selected Artists’ Exhibition, 6th Art Competition” Exhibit LIVE (Tokyo, Japan)
2001 “2002 Selected Artists’ Exhibition” Art Harumi (Tokyo, Japan)
2000 “Contemporary Artists Center Exhibition” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
1997 “Contemporary art Elites’ Exhibition” Premier Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
1995 “Charity Exhibition” INAX Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
1993 “Forest of déjà vu” Gallery NAF (Nagoya , Japan)
1993 “BIBLIO-ARTE” Nagakute Central Library Gallery (Aichi, Japan)
1990 “Mito October Exhibition” Contemporary Art Gallery Art Tower Mito (Mito, Japan)
1989 “14th National University Print Exhibition” Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts (Tokyo, Japan)
1988 “13th National University Print Exhibition” Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts (Tokyo, Japan)
1988 “recent works” Tachikawa Civic Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

2017 University of Yamanashi art and cultural promotion project agency for cultural affairs grants
2013 Residence artists 17th Biennial of Cerveira / Portugal
2012 Award for Excellence, 2nd New Artist Exhibition
2001 Associate jury grand prix, 6th Art Competition
1995 8th Holbein Scholarship
1989 Purchase award, 14th National University Print Exhibition

Public collections
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
Biennial of Cerveira Foundation / Portugal
Ashikaga Museum of Art

Artist Website