Tomohiro NAGAHATA | “My name is Raisin Rum” exhibited at artTNZ


Tomohiro NAGAHATA exhibited “My name is Raisin Rum” at “artTNZ produced by AFT with APCA” from September 17 to 21, 2020.

Nagahata is a sculptor who also writes his manga under the pseudonym” Family Restaurant” in the manga magazine “AX” (Seirin Kogeisha).

In his current series is “My name is Raisin Rum.” Raisin Rum is a sculptor and the main character. She solves the problems in a sculptor way in the story. In his manga, the sculptures created by Nagahata often appear.

His solo exhibition is scheduled to be held at LOKO GALLERY in 2021. Please look forward to it.


Excerpt from “My name is Raisin Rum,” episode 4

ARTIST PROFILE: Tomohiro Nagahata