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Born in Kalmar, Sweden in 1979. Lives and works in Stockholm.
Graduated from Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design in 2005. He has received several awards and grants such as Helge Ax: son Johnson Foundation and the Arts Grants Committee working grant. He stayed in Japan for 3 months with a residency program of AIT (Arts Initiative Tokyo) in 2017 . He participated in many exhibitions such as “Sweden · Art Now” (Swedish · Art Museum, Stockholm, 2016), “If you do not like art” (Vest / Fonsan Museum of Art, Norway, 2017), Solo exhibition (Royal art academy Stockholm, 2018). His works are several public collections such as the Marumo Art Museum (Sweden) and the Swedish Art Association, the Swedish National Art Council, Fenberger House (Nagano, Japan).

Selected solo exhibitions
2020 Repetitions, LOKO GALLERY, Shibuya, Tokyo
2019 Smetana Disc Brake, collaboration duo exhibition Linnea Sjöberg, Fullersta Gård
2019 Hans Andersson, LOKO GALLERY, Shibuya, Tokyo
2018/2019 Stipendieutställning, Galeri Öst, Konstakademien
2018 Galerie Forsblom, Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Galerie Forsblom, Helsingfors, Finland
2015 Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Sandgrund, Karlskrona
2013 Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 Hans Andersson, Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Hans Andersson, Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 5 teckningar, Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2003 Gallery Nema Hvad, Reykjavik, Iceland

Selected group exhibitions
2020 Baby father, Tre kronor, Solna business park, Stockholm, Sweden
2020 Arco Madrid, Galeria F2, Madrid, Spain
2020 Non- space, Revolver Gallery, Lima, Peru
2019 Cologne Art Fair, Cologne, Germany
2018 Museum of Cosmic Consciousness; Fenberger House; Nagano; Japan
2017 If You Don’t Like Art, Goodbye, Fuck Off, Go Home, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen, Norway
2017 Biotop, Biologiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Invited, Konstärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden
2017 American Embassy in Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 Swedish Art: Now!, Sven Harrys Konstmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 Implicit Hits, Hans Andersson/Eva Löfdahl/Arijana Kajfes, Kalmar Konsthall, Sweden
2014 Artefact: from fetish to comodity, Flach Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
2014 No sound is innocent, Marabouparken, Sundbyberg,
2013 Hans Andersson/Hilde Retzlaff, Arles-sur-tech, France 2013 Artefact: from fetish to comodity, Bamako, Mali
2013 Panorama, Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 2013 Självporträtt, Fullersta Gård, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 Festivall 3,5 Artima Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
2012 Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Market art fair, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 At the end of the Rainbow, What the shop, Vienna, Austria
2010/2011 Spår; Malmö Konstmuseum
2010 Expanding Mind and Space, Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Tsinghua Art Museum, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
2009 Cut Ups, Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm, Sweden 2008 Återväxt, Forum Kultur, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 The Eight Queens Puzzle, Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 Swallowing by a Monster, Galleri Massma, Ronneby, Sweden
2006 Likimain, Jetty Barracks Gallery, Helsingfors, Finland
2006 Nuevo Estoccolmo, Södertälje Konsthall, Södertälje, Sweden
2004 Enkel 2, Academy Gallery, Helsingfors, Finland
2004 Nordur og Nidur, Nordiska Huset, Reykjavik, Iceland
2004 First We Take Manhattan, Torstrasse 111, Berlin, Germany

Grants, Awards & Residencies
2019, Japansstiftelsens resestipendie
2018, Konstnärsnämnden, resestipendie för utställning Revolver Gallery 2019
2018 Konstnärsnämnden, 2 year working grant
2017 Konstakademien; Bonniers; utställningsstipendie 2017 AIT Tokyo Recidency sept-dec
2017 Esther Lindahls travelfund.
2013 Konstnärsnämnden/ 2 year working grant
2013 Arles-sur-tech residency
2011 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
2009 Creating spaces, Beijing project residency oct- dec.
2008 Konstnärsnämnden/ 1 year working grant 2008 UN-Stiftelsens konstnärsbelöning
2006 Sleipner

Public Artwork
2020 Södertälje sjukhus
2017 Kalmar länssjukhus, Without title, hus 2 våning 7
2015 Södersjukhuset, Stockholm; Byggnad 74, facade; Sketch commission
2013 Kalmar sjukhus, lounge hörsal Hjärnan

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