Tomohiro NAGAHATA “My name is Family Restaurant: Exhibition to Commemorate Publication “My name is Raisin Rum.”

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Tomohiro Nagahata, who held a solo exhibition in September last year, will publish his manga “My name is Raisin Rum,” serialized in the magazine “AX” (Seirin Kogeisha) under the pen name “Family Restaurant” in mid-May.

LOKO GALLERY will hold an exhibition ahead of the release, new works that adorn the book’s cover, and a wall projection of a manga portion. You will be immersed in the Raisin Rum World.

On Saturday, May 14, from 1:00 p.m., we will be having a special pre-sale of the book and sign meeting by the artist. The book will be available in a limited edition of 50 copies, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Cooperation: Seirin Kogeisha
Book design: Norito Inoue
Sculpture: Tomohiro Nagahata

ARTIST PROFILE: Tomohiro Nagahata

永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《散歩の達人》2020年、スタイロホーム、木材、カラースプレー、27×9×6cm
永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《コマわり大陸》2021年、木、合板、水性塗料、42×47cm[撮影:三熊將嗣]
永畑智大 Tomohiro NAGAHATA《Pillow Token No.2》2019年、レーザープリンタ、41×33.5cm