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Artists in the gallery days : April 9th, 16th, 17th, 25th.

We are pleased to present artist Narumi Sasaki’s solo exhibition “●” featuring new series of works as pursuit of the “other side of the canvas”, an extensive theme from her solo exhibition held in 2019.

The exhibition title connotes an image of a hole or celestial body. It is simultaneously a significance of a cave, archetypes existing in collective unconscious, or the pathway of consciousness linking to it. Her collage-like techniques using various materials such as stones and wood, which is a continuous approach from the previous exhibition, implies to transcendent existence.

On the occasion of this exhibition, LOKO GALLERY will release Sasaki’s artist book focusing on her drawings. For the artist, drawing is “an act of accurately scooping up an image from a place as it is”.


“Call. Here lies presentiment, although there is nothing yet. I am only accepting it.”

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Narumi Sasaki《The young craftsman did not return at last》2021, Oil on canvas, Stone, 150×11.5cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
​Narumi Sasaki《The Moon and the Hole》2021, Oil on canvas, ceramics, 205×205cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
Narumi Sasaki《Venus》2021, Oil on canvas, Glass, 52×31cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
Narumi Sasaki《Gravity》2021, Oil on canvas, Charcoal, Pastel, Wood, Stone, 150×11.5cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
Narumi Sasaki《Nine years slumber》2021,Oil on canvas, Pastel, 55×45cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
Narumi Sasaki《Hand》2021, Pastel on canvas, Pencil, 16×12cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda


​  この遠くにある部屋には一つだけソファがあり、二人はいつもそこへ座って会話をしていた。二人は喧嘩をした事はなかったが、相手の悲しみへ共感するあまり互いに苦しく辛くなる事が度々あった。相手の職場であった理不尽なこと、相手の考える政治的な問題、相手の親の不幸、そのすべてが互いに完全に共有できるものだった。

​  この遠くにある部屋にはドアがなく、ドアがないので二人の人間と一匹の猫はいつも窓から出入りしていた。 いつだったか一度だけドアを作る提案を誰かがしたが、計画だけ立てて流れてしまった。そんなことだから、部屋には来客者も窓から入れなければならず、その罪悪感から二人はあまり人を呼べなかった。》 2021、麻、綿、石、パステル、木炭、34×27cm

Narumi Sasaki《In this room placed somewhere distant, heat burns, making the space dry and warm. It must be raining today but tapping water is

what only refrains in this room.

In this room placed somewhere distant lived two human beings long ago: And a cat, too. It did not belong to the two although the

feline frequently visited their place and was fed. The two loved each other, however their bodies were in the form of female which

was the very reason they could not have a child albeit intercourse.

In this room placed somewhere distant was a sofa where the two would often sit and chat. They never fought each other, though

they sympathized with each other’ s sorrow so much it distressed their hearts.

Ridiculous episodes at work, politics, the misery one’ s parent has... Every one of them were something they could thoroughly share.

In this room placed somewhere distant, were no doors. Since they did not have a door, the two human beings and one cat would

always get in and out from the window. Some while ago someone suggested making a door, which never came through. The room

was such a place where visitors had to enter from the window. The two could barely invite others from sense of guilt.》2021, Hemp, Cotton, Stone, Pastel, Charcoal, 34×27cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
Narumi Sasaki《The child who is born in this hour shall be blessed》2021, Oil on canvas, Wood, 49×31cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
佐々木成美《無題》2020、キャンバスに油彩、石 、40×31cm
Narumi Sasaki《Untitled》2020, Oil on canvas, Stone, 40×31cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda
佐々木成美《無題》2020、キャンバスに油彩、石 、40×31cm
Narumi Sasaki《Untitled》2020, Oil on canvas, Stone, 40×31cm
Photo:Kunihisa Fukuda