Narumi SASAKI “⚫”

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Artists in the gallery days : April 9th, 16th, 17th, 25th.

We are pleased to present artist Narumi Sasaki’s solo exhibition “●” featuring new series of works as pursuit of the “other side of the canvas”, an extensive theme from her solo exhibition held in 2019.

The exhibition title connotes an image of a hole or celestial body. It is simultaneously a significance of a cave, archetypes existing in collective unconscious, or the pathway of consciousness linking to it. Her collage-like techniques using various materials such as stones and wood, which is a continuous approach from the previous exhibition, implies to transcendent existence.

On the occasion of this exhibition, LOKO GALLERY will release Sasaki’s artist book focusing on her drawings. For the artist, drawing is “an act of accurately scooping up an image from a place as it is”.


“Call. Here lies presentiment, although there is nothing yet. I am only accepting it.”

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