We start ”Drawings” online sale site from July 21st

LOKO GALLERY オンライン販売スタート

“Drawings 16 Artists” exhibition’s works can buy online from July 21st.

These days, we worry about going out. Opening the online gallery is an excellent way for artists and us. We hope that it will be an opportunity for you to meet new works of art.

Drawings 16 artists

2020.7.21(tue) 12:00 – 8. 30(sun)

LOKO GALLERY オンライン販売スタート


ARTIST PROFILE: Akira Kamo Asa Hiramatsu Chie Koda Hana Tobari Masahiro Satsuka Masahiro Wada Ryo Shimizu Sequoyah Aono TODO Tomohiro Nagahata Ville Andersson Yuka Mori Yusuke Abe