Asa HIRAMATSU “waft / vacant”

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It exists between visible and invisible.
It expands the scenery.

There, the clouds melt boundary,
and the clouds float in the place
where I’ve thought boundary.

In the paintings,
there are days
in which I can place value on the sign.

I think so, and draw.

We are pleased to announce the exhibition “waft / vacant” by the painter, Asa HIRAMATSU.

She is active in mainly making paintings, and also attracts attention by illustration for various books in recent years. The motifs make us feel breath of silent another world. And the heavy matière which is produced by repetition of layer, digging and sanding with oil paints; that invite the viewers to her painting world.

HIRAMATSU has consistently drawn vast and stark land in her paintings. The land is in her body. She gazes actual world, after a little while, the existence of the world wavers. And the another land appears. She calls the thing “sign”; which appears in the important moment. For instance, the nonsolid existence such like clouds she often draws in her works; symbolize the sign of the wavering.

She has ever recognized that actual world and the another world in herself are separate fields. But she also says that the boundary of two worlds starts to blend into one another recently. So, it is significant aim for her to treat such various contrary elements equally in making paintings. For HIRAMATSU, action of overglazing oil paint may be for tying “signs” scattered among various worlds, and fixing them on paintings.

Please come in touch the newest works by Asa HIRAMATSU; who pursues her own painting by diving into imagined landscape, and struggling with paint.