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We are pleased to announce the exhibition “MASAHIRO WADA FILM WORKS” by Masahiro WADA. This exhibition will be composed of mainly his recent film-works which featured Japanese old tales.

WADA has taken up old tales such as “Saru-Kani Gassen (Battle Between Crab And Monkey)”, “Kobu-Tori Jiisan (The Old Man Who Got His Wen Snatched Off)”, “Yamamba (Mountain Witch)” in his film-works. These fairy tales are very well-acquainted for Japanese people. But WADA’s works show serious images, and expand into multilayered construction; as if to reveal aspects of our society or abyss of human mind.

So he has often used the method of amplifying movable architecture-like installation in the film; or primitive and necromantic motifs such like fire, meat, darkness, smoke in these works. These are important elements also in the other recent his works. Coming in touch with these symbolic elements; we can find his dynamic experiment and challenge for various art styles such like film, installation, performance.

In this exhibition, we aim to close-up one aspect of recent WADA; by exhibiting preceding 3 old tales works, with other works relating myth or folklore, and sketching materials.

cooperation : Ome Video Club