Yuuki WATANABE “Torsional Corridors”

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We are pleased to announce a solo show “Torsional Corridors” by the painter, Yuuki WATANABE. This exhibition will be his 2nd LOKO GALLERY appearance since a group show last summer; and this will be his 1st real solo show.

WATANABE is in doctoral degree now; and has worked at reconstructing familiar motifs such as daily necessaries, toys and parts of human body on the paintings consistently. In his production, the textures of surfaces of various objects are observed, and drawn realistically. But simultaneously, they are composed in the ways that are peculiar to the paintings: such as adopting the shaped-canvas that are formed corresponding to the shapes of the motifs.

For example, in a painting in which a nude woman going up the stairs is drawn; the upper side of the painting has a function as “a window frame” that trims the motif from the outside. On the other hand, the stair-shaped lower side functions as “a ground” that the soles of the feet touch, and shares the dimension with the motif. One of the keywords in WATANABE’s works is such various “torsions” that occur to the frames of the paintings.

It is his fundamental theme to connect our senses to the hyperspaces that aren’t either 2 or 3 dimensions, meanwhile evoking the real feelings by his unique ideas and methods. The frames WATANABE arranges are the outer shells that retain the pictorial spaces, and are also the fluid devices that relativize the frames of our consciousness.

Please enjoy the entrance of his sedulous painting world, with a focus on the newest works.[:]


渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《10001101000101》2019, Acrylic, Wood Panel, 204.0×204.0cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《階段を昇る裸婦》2018, Acrylic, Oil, Wood Panel, 116.7×116.7cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《ツイストドーナツ》2018, Acrylic, Oil, Wood Panel, 45.0×45.0cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《pop-corn》2018, Acrylic, Oil, Wood Panel, 35.0×35.0cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《ぷられーる》2017, Acrylic, Wood Panel, 46.6×46.6cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《棋聖決定七番勝負 第40期第2局》2019, Acrylic, Oil, Wood Panel, 45.5×42.5cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《untitled》2018, Acrylic, Oil, Wood Panel, 59.5×59.5cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《untitled》2018, Acrylic, Wood Panel, 35.0×35.0cm
渡辺佑基 Yuki WATANABE《untitled》2018, Acrylic, Oil, Wood Panel, 30.0×29.9c