Saiko KIMURA “Inside A Room, Outside A Room”

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We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition “Inside A Room, Outside A Room” by the painter, Saiko KIMURA. Not only making paintings and holding exhibitions, KIMURA is active in the various fields: for instance, illustrations for newspapers or books. This is her 1st exhibition in LOKO GALLERY.

Consistently, KIMURA has treated the plants and the familiar natural environments as the motifs of her paintings. Many of her works are produced through the complicated techniques: Firstly, she makes the multilayered base on the cotton with acrylic and some kinds of medium, so draws the transparent and vibrant figures of plants by the oil mixed with the beeswax.And in many cases, the photos of plants taken by her have been refered when she draws. The vivid color and line drawing give out the dynamic vitality on the surfaces of the paintings that have the distinctive texture. Meanwhile, also the static moments derived from photos live together in the paintings. It’s her works.

On the other hand, KIMURA has gradually changed the style of production. In this exhibition, in addition to the usual series that is based on the photos, the new series will be exhibited: the works that she drew out of doors seeing the natural environment, or drew inside her room seeing the view of outside of a window. These new experiments weren’t hammered out to lead the novel developments. They occured naturally under the influence of the rich nature of Saga where she has moved to last year, and the new residential environment. The paintings have not only the atmospheres of her past works, but also the expressions that have never been seen.

Comparing the various works that were made through different production process and have different expressions; we can see the defined changes in the eyes or the consciousness of the painter, even if the motifs such as plants or daily scenery haven’t changed. From these paintings, the fluid breath of nature and the artist’s beating that synchronizes with the nature appear multidirectionally. Those aren’t caught by the simple words such like “vividness” or “vitality”. The difference and changes that occur in KIMURA’s paintings are very natural. Like plants that grow changing their own modes of life according to the environments, also her paintings seem to have fluid and spontaneous system.

Please come in touch the newest works by Saiko KIMURA; who pursues her own expressions hailing to the outside world each other.