Yusuke ABE “Live through the backwoods”

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We are pleased to announce Solo Exhibition “Live through the backwoods” by the painter, Yusuke ABE. He is a young painter who just graduated from master’s course of art university; but has been deploying his activities with stoic production and powerful works at home and abroad, and has attracted people’s attention little by little. This exhibition is his first solo show after graduation.

The pop characters, that are full of feeling of stir as if to realize at once. Or the strange screens, that are generated by the bold construction such like; sticking trading cards or plastic products on the painting; gluing other canvases on a canvas. When we stand in front of ABE’s painting, At first these catchy elements attract our eyes. We can read his memory related to game culture or nature that he has communed with from childhood to now; or his original critic eyes and new presentation about form and style that are led by his honest research on painting and fine-art history.

Even if you enjoy only these elements, ABE’s works are sufficiently attractive. But beyond them, there is more different, indescribable something that propels him to create paintings.

For example, ABE says that: the insects, fishes and fictitious monsters that he adopts in his paintings are absolutely equivalent to a line that was drawn by a paintbrush casually. Insects in bush, fishes in water, monsters in the world of card or game. They come into existence in accordance with the environment of respective dwelling, and live. Since childhood, ABE has encountered those residents of other worlds through insect collecting, fishing or playing games. And he has been surprised at the existence of them that have life and environment that are distinct from himself, and attracted to them. And the interest evolves into self-awareness that he himself also lives in the limited environment, “world of human”; and that he is still not different from the residents.

When he was a high school student, he took oil paints for the first time, and drew a casual line on canvas. For ABE, The color line looked like living thing that was established and given life by the structure of the world where the line lives, namely the environment of “world of painting”. And that is still not different from the residents, too. This is an episode that describes his origin of incisive sense toward visual arts. In addition, paintings have not only such autonomous environment, but also evident traces of the artist. For him, paints and brushes may be the tools to access simultaneously both world like his alter ego, and completely different unknown territory. He has been absorbed in such ambiguity that painting has, and piled up production.

What does the word “Free” mean in the title of this exhibition? (Note: English metaphrase of the title is “To be free decisively”.) Of course, for him, that doesn’t mean the superficial elements such like sticking favorite things on the painting, or applying strange composition. Assuming that painting for ABE is a tool to grasp and seek both the world he lives and the other worlds other life live; the “Free” may be, for instance, burning his own life maximum in his own environment; while touching some worlds that exist in plural dimensions, and feeling the respective fate that we can’t get away from the each environment.

This exhibition will be composed of his newest series in that various techniques of his past works are included, and the important pieces that are selected from numerous works in the past few years. We highly appreciate that many people see the debut of the anticipated painter who faces painting most sincerely, desperately, and directly, at present.


安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Duel fish》2018, Charcoal on canvas, YU-GI-OH trading card, Duel masters trading card, Card sleeve, 206 × 250 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Nymph》2018, Oil on canvas, Acrylic, Spray, 200 × 130 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Charity Zelda》2018, Oil on canvas, YU-GI-OH trading card, Card sleeve, 200 × 200 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《毛針と羽虫 / Fly fishing and a feather bug》2018, Oil on canvas, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Gel medium, 41 × 24.2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《3つのタイプ/ 3 types》2016, Spray on wooden board, Paper, Ink, Plastic board, Holographic sheet, Gel medium, Tooth brush, Bond, Felt, 36.4 × 25.7 × 3.5 cm

安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《バッタ、杉 / Grasshopper, cedar》 2018, Oil on canvas, 53 × 33.3 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Abe cube》2016, Charcoal on canvas,Spray, Oil pastel, 200 × 200 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《The backwoods》2018, Oil on canvas, Spray, Plastic board, 200 × 150 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Letter Gerudo》2018, Oil on canvas, Acrylic, Spray, Paper, Pencil, YU-GI-OH trading card, 9 pockets card sheet, Card sleeve, 200 × 160 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《側溝をのぞく / Look into the gutter》2017, Oil pastel on wooden panel, Acrylic, Lacquer, Gel medium, 41 × 31.8 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《道路、冒険 / Road, Adventure》2018, Oil on canvas, Acrylic, Plastic board, Plastic case, Plastic file, Paper, Pencil, Coupy-Pencil, Oil pastel, Photograph, Gel medium, Bond, 65.2 × 45.5 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《どこか、友だち / You know, my friend. 》2017, Oil on canvas, Acrylic, Paper, Pencil, Coupy-Pencil, Gel medium, 41 × 31.8 × 1.8 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《虫、何か / Bugs, something》2018, Oil on canvas, 41 × 27.3 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《読んでいる絵 / Picture of reading》2018, Oil on canvas, Paper, Pencil, 41 × 27.3 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《赤い釣り / Red fishing》2018, Oil on canvas, Wooden panel, Crayon, Lacquer, Bond, 45.5 × 38 × 4 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Hidden Yugi》2018, Oil on canvas, Oil pastel, Acrylic, Charcoal Canvas, Wooden panel, Bond, 45.5 × 38 × 6.5 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《4匹のモンスター / 4 monsters》2018, Oil on canvas, Acrylic, Plastic board, Paper, Plastic file, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Bond, 31.8 × 41 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《イビー・コース / Evie Course》2018, Oil on wooden panel, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Picture, U-GI-OH trading card, Card sleeve, Bond, 36.4 × 25.7 × 1.8 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Half-文明 / Half-Civilization》2018, Oil on canvas, Duel masters trading card, Canvas, Acrylic, Bond, 33.3 × 24.2 × 4 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Half-文明(透明な青) / Half-Civilization(Clear blue)》2018, Acrylic on Wooden panel / Oil, Plastic board, Canvas, Charcoal, Plastic panel, Ink, Card sleeve, Bond, 42 × 29.7 × 4 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《家のうら / Back of the house 》2018, Acrylic on Wooden panel / Oil, Plastic board, Canvas, Charcoal, Plastic panel, Ink, Card sleeve, Bond, 45.5 × 33.3 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Pocket(nightfall)》2018, Oil on canvas, Crayon, Oil pastel, Spray, Wooden panel, Plastic board, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, YU-GI-OH trading card,Card sleeve, GAME BOY Casette, Hair gum, Gel medium, Bond, 33.3 × 41 × 4 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Monster file》2018, Oil on canvas, Plastic file, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Gel medium, 41 × 31.8 × 1.8 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《ノート・エリア / Note area》2018, Oil on canvas,Plastic case, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Pencil, Wooden panel, Board, Plastic board, lacquer, Canvas, Charcoal, Bond, 65.2 × 53 × 4.5 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《ホーム・シュトラ / Home Shtra》2019, Oil on wooden panel, Acrylic, Plastic board, Paper, Pencil, Coupy-Pencil, Color pencil, Tooth brush, Gel medium, 41 × 31.8 × 3.5 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《仮面の領域 / Realm of the Mask》2018, Oil on canvas, paper, Coupy-Pencil, Pencil, YU-GI-OH trading card, Card sleeve, Bond, 41 × 31.8 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《小国、釣り / Oguni, fishing》2018, Oil on canvas, Acrylic, Canvas, Charcoal, Plastic board, Lure, Bond, 41 × 41 × 4 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《トレード・アット・ホーム / Trade at home 》2017, Acrylic on wooden panel, Plastic board, Watercolors, Color pencil, Gel medium, 33.3 × 24.2 × 1.7 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《12に区切って描く絵 / Painting in 12 sections》2018, Oil on canvas, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Color pencil, Plastic case, Bond, 41 × 31.8 × 1.8 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Yusuke crossing》2018, Oil on canvas, Plastic case, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Color pencil, Plastic board, Spray, Charcoal, Wooden panel, Acrylic, GAMECUBE casette with plastic case, Card sleeve, Plastic panel, Plastic cushioning, Bond, 65.2 × 50 × 5.2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《貝と何か / Shells and something else》2017, Oil on canvas, Oil pastel, 33.3 × 24.2 × 1.8 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《ある日のGAMECUBE / GAMECUBE one day》2018, Oil on canvas, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Color pencil, Plastic case, Bond, 41 × 31.8 × 1.8 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《石に関心を持っている絵 / Picture of interest in the stone 》2018, Oil on canvas, Paper, Ink, Coupy-Pencil, Bond, 33.3 × 33.3 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《闇の迷路 / Maze of darkness》2017, Charcoal on canvas, Oil, Oil pastel, 60.6 × 41 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《一人の探検 / A man's expedition 》2017, Spray on canvas, Paper, Pencil, Coupy-Pencil, Plastic board, Acrylic, Oil pastel, Gel medium, 33.3 × 24.2 × 2 cm
安部悠介 Yusuke ABE《Plastic monsters》2018, Oil on canvas, Charcoal, paper, Coupy-Pencil, Ink, Plastic board, Gel medium, 45.5 x 27.3 x 2 cm