Yuka Mori

2017.7.28 [fri] – 8.26 [sat]

[Reception] 7.28 [fri] 18:30 ‒

[tue ‒ sat] 11:00 ‒ 19:00
[sun, mon, public holidays] closed

I feel like not having had come to such a bright place
My body plays in the faint and heavy light
And starts to hide actively
They scatter, find each hiding place, start to respire bating their breath


We are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition “Dawning” by Yuka MORI.

MORI has produced her painting considering about “body”, and “boundary” between the body and various things. So in this exhibition, her works having theme of “morning” will be shown.

She draws the morning as a time of “Awai (interval)”; the contour and border line of time or existence become obscure in the morning. In the early morning, the beautiful moment of dawn, she undergoes sensation like her body melts into the landscape or the world. The fresh comfortableness isn’t the only one thing which is there. The sign of purification of every emotion or memory; which elute from human, are united with the morning. MORI draws the sensibility of dissipation of; consciousness to body; border line between self and world. As her ideal.

And in these works, the new selection is piled about material or technique. Her major was Japanese-style painting in art university. But in these works, she tried to remove craft-like technic of Japanese-style painting; and to leave overglazed matiere, or improvised brush touch which causes to feel painter’s trace directly. These expressions haven’t been in her past work. So MORI has tried combination of Japanese-style painting material and oil painting material. In recent works, she uses heterogeneous material in each phase of groundwork, fixing material, pigment. The property of mixture is developing more complexly and organically.

Please come in touch the newest expression by MORI; who comes and goes own painting world flexibly.


All these works have theme of “morning”.
Light of morning, humidity of morning, temperature of morning, smell of morning, wind of morning, sound of morning.
I wanted to fix and keep in the painting; my longing or recollection to the sensibility of body which is enveloped in absolute “Morning”.