Kousuke ISHIHARA・Mishiho FUKUHAMA [Exercise & Grandscape]

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We are pleased to announce a dual show by two young painter, Kousuke Ishihara and Mishiho Fukuhama.

Ishihara had looked for definitive motif to himself, and piled up trial-and-error. In the process, he felt certain response in the clad human moving in the big screen, has produced such works. His main works in this exhibition; the 《Exercise》 series is the latest version. The transformed shapes of human body, the sense concerning matiere and color look like the entrance of his originality. Distorted human body and motion; face drawn by pencil; and matiere made of multilayer acrylic; there are fetish palatabilities about elements of painting. Fusion of them excites our imagination from exquisite angle, the works are humourous but don’t permit easy interpretation.

On the other hand, Fukuhama is the painter who is producing mainly 《Grandscape》 series; in the big screens of oil painting, miniature structures made by herself are drawn. At first glance, The landscape drawn by Fukuhama looks like different-dimension world. But the world is filled with nostalgia. The delicate and various gradation of ray; made of multitiered oil painting technique, illuminates the world with actual feeling and fantasticly. Or familiar parts which construct the miniature, cause unique déjà vu and strange feeling; by being expanded into big scale far from original. Fukuhama says “I pursuit the Landscape in which we have déjà vu but don’t know, and the world which exists only in painting”.

Representation of Ishihara and Fukuhama, both has familiarity; mystery and margin; which cause various interpretation of the viewer. Please come in touch the fresh world of them; who stand in front of entrance of their own world.

[Reception] 5.19 [fri] 19:00 ‒