Yuki SAKUMA ”Little Gloomy Spring”

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From stage design to performance, Yuki Sakuma is an artist who is active in mainly performing arts. She has just graduated from art university in this March. This time, we exhibit her latest work titled “Little Gloomy Spring”. Sakuma says that she wants to be active in the border between fine arts and performing arts variously from now on. The huge magnolias raise their necks as if they develop from her quiet and powerful will. Please come in touch the fresh world of Sakuma who begins to walk to new season.


It is myself
who decided to exit

But I can’t leave yet
from the familiar warmth

There is no place I must go
ahead of a twig which has a bud

Though, I look upward a little gloomily
like the magnolias point to north


[Reception] 5.19 [fri] 19:00 ‒[:]