Asa HIRAMATSU “Mapping My Seeds”

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We are pleased to announce the exhibition “Mapping My Seeds” by the painter, Asa HIRAMATSU.

HIRAMATSU has consistently drawn the silent landscapes that exist in her body, on the heavy matière which is produced by the repetition of layer, digging and sanding of oil paints. A lot of the works have taken some kind of minimal forms; in which she has drawn a leading motif in a painting. Clouds, ground, window, stick…, the motifs that are selected for the paintings are various. But the works have the signs of the vast and stark world, in common. Meanwhile, the each works have the complete / independent appearances as one painting, so they have shown the respective worlds singly.

By the way, for HIRAMATSU, the action of drawing the landscapes that she sees in her body has some functions: expanding the area of the land she knows, or renewing the map of the land. So the recent big change in her production / exploration into the land is: that she has come to draw the sign of her own visit occasionally, not only the landscapes or objects she has seen as before. In the works of this exhibition, “her own signs” are: the lope joining a stick and a rock, or the copious seeds that are sown in the land. In association with the birth of the painter’s commitments to the landscapes; the fields of view in a painting are extending than before, and the broader spaces are coming to be drawn in the paintings. So, the organic motifs such as plants or foods, or the bright colors that come to appear in her recent painting might be: the symbols of feelings of advancing into the depths, with cultivating the lands in the body.

In this exhibition, we aim to show the “map” of the land; by mapping her newest works that are filled with the new signs like the hunch of fertility. It is a trial to show systematically the world of the works that come to have the rich expanses; by exhibiting correlationally the works that have existed singly. Please come in touch the newest works by Asa HIRAMATSU; who comes to show the various new germinations.


平松麻 Asa HIRAMATSU《種まき / Seeding》2019, パネルに油彩 / Oil on Panel, 91.0× 91.0cm
平松麻 Asa HIRAMATSU《ふたり / Two》2019, パネルに油彩 / Oil on Panel, 91.0×65.2cm