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We are pleased to announce the exhibition “Bau / Bau” by the sculptor, TODO.

TODO is known for the works in which special debris, minerals or old books are combined with laminated glasses; for example, he has used the materials such as “Bricks of the building that was collapsed by Great Kanto Earthquake” or “Berlin Wall”. But simultaneously, he has created wide variety of works; a large quantities of drawings he makes everyday, or the installation that is constructed out of numerous wooden boxes; he treats the boxes as “small space” in the installation. In TODO’s works, the textures and identities of materials are directly made the most of, concurrently disassimilated and sharpened through craftsmanlike handwork; the works attract people’s attention at home and abroad.

In his manifold works, the one of common elements is; interest about “material” or “space”. There are also various aspects.

For instance, the laminated glasses are often recognized as catalyzer to get into; time that minerals enshrine, or historicity of debris that were parts of buildings once. TODO says that the process for laminating and polishing glasses are similar to looking into or exposing the story that each material has.

The other side, TODO aims for “changing the quality of space by the existence of sculpture” as a sculptor. Then letting glass appear in material means; “Showing the space inside material” for him. Making space exist inside the works itself, farther the material is part of building that had composed the another space once; It seemed as if the multilayered structure of work symbolically reveals various perspectives about material, space and architecture.

The title of this exhibition “Bau / Bau” shows the two words; “Abbau” which means ‘Demolition’ or ‘Remove’, “Aufbau” which means ‘Build’ or ’Structure’ in German. This exhibition will appear with the installation that reconstitutes the space by scaffolding. With dynamic architectual experiment to gallery-space, we will approach the exciting world surrounding “material” or “space”; they are also origin of his creation.


藤堂 TODO《バウ / バウ》2017年、単管足場、本、サイズ可変[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《バウ / バウ》2017年、installation view[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《ゆうぽうと - 層 》2017年、大理石、積層ガラス、W15×H33.9×D15cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《ゆうぽうと - 壁》2017年、大理石、積層ガラス、W46×H5.4×D35.5cm[Photo : Eiji INA
藤堂 TODO《ゆうぽうと - 床》2017年、石、積層ガラス、W39×H39×D5.5cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《ホテルオークラ_なまこ壁平瓦》2017年、瓦、積層ガラス、W25.3×H4.4×D25.6cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《瓦礫 - 267710》2017年、瓦礫、積層ガラス、サイズ可変[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《o.T. - Kisten》2017年、木箱、W91×H91×D91cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《台座柱 - Bar Uport(仮)》2017年、床タイル、木材、約W45×H300×D45cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《階段または台座または彫刻(仮)》 2017年、木材、WW47×H10×D25.5cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《ポール - ダンサーは今日も来ない(仮)》2017年、金属、本、W14×H270×D14cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《ポール - ダンサーは今日も来ない(仮)》2017年、金属、本、W14×H270×D14cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《シュヴァルの石_オートリーブ,フランス》2017年、石、積層ガラス、W14.2×D9.7×H6.9cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《イグアスの滝》2017年、石(水晶付き)、積層ガラス、W15×H9.9×D9.3cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《敷石_アントワープ》2017年、敷石、積層ガラス、W10.5×H9×D9.8cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《at the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel》2017年、石、積層ガラス、W8×H12.5×D6.3cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《バラスト_カッセル》2017年、線路の敷石、積層ガラス、W10.1×H3.9×D5.2cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《o.T. - Rentier》 2017年、木箱、アクリル、スプレーペイント、ファウンド・オブジェクト、W41.2×H41×D19.5cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO《o.T. - Elefant》2017年、木箱、アクリル、スプレーペイント、ファウンド・オブジェクト、W24×H58.4×D11.9cm[Photo : Eiji INA]
藤堂 TODO 《 Zeichnung》(ドローイング)2017年、Mixed Media
藤堂 TODO 《 Zeichnung》(ドローイング)2017年、Mixed Media
藤堂 TODO 《 Zeichnung》(ドローイング)2017年、Mixed Media
藤堂 TODO 《 Zeichnung》(ドローイング)2017年、Mixed Media