Juuso Noronkoski

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Working as a visual artist in Helsinki.

2010 – 2015
Aalto University School of Arts, Design & Architecture, MA in Photography, Helsinki
2004 – 2010
Lahti Institute of Design / BA in photography, Lahti
2007 spring
Gerrit Rietveld Academie / Photography department, Amsterdam, Holland

Darker, C4 Projects, Copenhagen, DK
Nature, Nurture. davidbehning galerie, Düsseldorf, DE

The Trees Are Inviting the Wind, Groupshow, Willem Twee kunstruimte, NL
Solo: One Millimetre Away From Stillness, Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin, GE

Solo: It Feels Like the Days are Getting Longer again… w/ Mikko Rikala, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, FI
Seeing Without a Seer, Radical Reversibility, Amsterdam, NL Emerging 2018, Galerie Anhava, Helsinki FI
Solo: Overlapping Instants, Galería Alarcon Criado w/ Mikko Rikala, Sevilla, ES
Innsbruck International biennial of the arts, w/Maanantai Collective, AT

Solo: This Place Is Nowhere (variation III) Hippolyte Gallery, Helsinki, FI
Photographia Europa | Reggio Emilia, w/Maanantai Collective, Reggio Emilia, IT
Solo: This Place Is Nowhere (variation II), Loko Gallery, Tokyo, JP

Pori Biennale II, w/SMKV collective, FI
Solo: This Place Is Nowhere, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE

Hiatus, Pori World Expo, Pori, FI
Re-interpreting the Frame, w/ Mikko Rikala, The Finnish Museum of Photography, FI
Interpreting the Frame, group show, w/ Mikko Rikala, Augusta Gallery (HIAP), Helsinki, FI

Between the Flashes of the Lighhthouse, w/Maanantai Collective, Gallery Taik Perons, DE
Quite Cube, w/SMKV collective, URB14 Festival, Public space, Helsinki, FI
Mänttä Art Festival, w/Maanantai Collective, Mänttä Art Festival, FI
Solo: It Is Spring, and Clear Sky, and Afternoon. w/ Mikko Rikala, SIC Gallery, Helsinki, FI
Nine Nameless Mountains, w/Maanantai Collective, Monopol Gallery, Warsaw, PL

C.R.€.A.M., w/SMKV- collective, Ikkuna Gallery, Vantaa Art Museum, FI
Nine Nameless Mountains w/Maanantai Collective, Alt.+1000 Festival de Photographie, CH
Nine Namaless Mountains, w/Maanantai Collective, The Finnish Museum of Photography, FI
Aurinkoonpäinkatsoja, Circulation(s) Photofestival, Paris, FR
The Allure of Light, Photographic Art 2013, Lahti Art Museum, FI

Backlight Photofestival, w/SMKV collective, Present Remains, TR1 Kunsthalle, Tampere, FI
Takaisin virtaan / Back to Current, w/SMKV collective, L3 Helsinki Photographic Biennale, FI
VOry, group exhibition, Helsinki Photographic Biennale, Jukka Male Museum, Helsinki, FI

Wild Dogs Crying Out in the Night, w/SMKV collective, URB festival, urban space, Helsinki, FI
100 Million Years Before the Sun Burns Out, w/SMKV collective, Myymälä2-gallery, Helsinki, FI

2019 Fabrikken (with FIDA), Copenhagen, DK
2018 Air Frankfurt (HIAP-Basis), Frankfurt, DE
2017 Triangle Arts Association (with FCINY), New York City, USA
2015-2016 Künstlerhaus Bethanien (ISP), Berlin, GE

Nine Nameless Mountains, by Maanantai Collective, Kehrer Verlag, 2013
SMKV Zine, Suomi Kuvaa Collective, self published, 2012

Public art works
The Brief History of Continuity w/maanantai collective.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment / The State Art Deposit Collection

Works in collections
The Finnish State Art Deposit Collection The Finnish Musemum of Photography

Artist Website