Triadic Surfaces

Triadic Surfaces

2018.8.3 [fri] ‒ 8.25 [sat]

[Opening Reception]
8.3 [fri] 18:00 ‒

[tue ‒ sat] 11:00 ‒ 19:00
[sun, mon] closed

We are pleased to announce the exhibition “Triadic Surfaces” by Yusuke ABE, Moeko KAGEYAMA, Yuuki WATANABE. They are young painter in their 20’s and 30’s; but the works already clearly show the worlds they aim, and the germination of distinctive forming.

The motifs which frequently appear in ABE's paintings are : fictitious monsters, huge mazes, insects and fishing that he communed with in his childhood. At a glance, they look childish. In these motifs, concrete elements also are not a little included: such as video games and card games that he like, memory of childhood in Yamagata with rich nature, or reference to subculture. But, the thing which ABE really pursues by fusing them: is indescribable unknown world that can takes roots only in the paintings. In his recent works, the abstractness of drawn images rises. And by mixing various materials including things which aren't used to treat in conventional production; he creates strange screens in which some sections of different spacial worlds seem to laminate. We can watch for problem presentation to existing paintings or arts, in his powerful works which are created by stoic and experimental production.

Moeko KAGEYAMA shows us traditional orthodox oil painting techniques, or characteristical imaginative world in her paintings. They may remind us lineage of the modern era arts that have been comprehended with the words such like “fantasy” or “surreal”. But in many cases, the origins of her productions are familiar things that she has touched really. For instance, the one of her important themes is contemporary urban development; and distortion of cities or buildings that are dug and build hurriedly by the development. She has drawn the theme replacing them with the motifs such like enigmatic organisms; or strange monuments that don't fit for the place. In recent works, she keeps those presence, while tries to give the bizarre subjects positive meanings by manipulating settings of spaces or circumstances. The strange images based on her actual feeling become metaphors of modern society, and are starting to enhance the autonomy and to have more multitiered context.

Yuuki WATANABE, in his production, is always conscious of texture that the surfaces of matter have. Most of his works are composed of elaborate depiction of daily necessaries, toys or parts of human body; and formalistic constitution such as adopting shaped canvas that is cut out in the matter's shape. There are not only mere reality, but also challenges to new senses of vision that are arisen by composing and pictorializing some texture. WATANABE says, “I feel that somethings new exist in the blank spot that is neither flat surface nor space; and the spot is born by composing surfaces of matter”. Behind deliberate production and craft-like smooth finishing; the perspectives connecting to unusual space are induced. That is great appeal of his works.

The three painters are quite different; but they have atmosphere of indescribable criticism or metaphysical sign behind the friendly surfaces in common. We hope this exhibition become opportunity for coming in touch the fresh potential and motivation of the three painters.