Masahiro WADA “Rμv-1/2gμvR=(8πG/c^4)Tμv”

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A giant fly lying down in a living room, a collapsing mountain of gold bullions, a grilled tree made Doner kebab, a running salaryman and a mountain witch in a deep forest … The motifs that Masahiro Wada takes up in his works are very diverse. These seemingly chaotic elements, once constructed by the hand of Wada, begin to emit messages and stories that are hard to describe. In all of his works, a world full of his originality comes out and faces us.

One of the features of Wada’ s recent works is the fusion of a large-scale movable set and video with a story. For example, in “Stylish Fly for Housewives” (2012), a big fly and a housewife live in a room that rotates as a washing machine. The figures and movie sets are shown in the video, but sometimes their territory expands to the exhibition room and jump out from the monitor. Categorization of genres as “Video” or as “Sculptures” or “Installation” doesn’ t make any sense for him.

In the planning stage of this exhibition, there were fragmentary words by the artist and the exhibition title with a drawing. Wada gave us some keywords like “Burning and rolling sphere” “Koshitsu-video (private adult video room)” “micro individual seen from macro cosmic point of view” . The title is the well known mathematical formula in the equation of gravitational fields in Einstein’ s general theory of relativity. The motif of mesh-like curves on the drawing express gravitational fields. These subjects will continue to be combined into one piece based on video, but neither the spectator nor the artist himself can expect what kind of form will be seen. Because the ideas and motifs collected by Wada’ s tentacles always converge in the labyrinth of his experiment and the mixture and creation continue until the last minutes before the exhibition.

Additionally, several members of “The National Museum Of Art, Okutama (MOAO)” , the artist-run space located in the forest a suburb of Tokyo that Wada takes part in, will participate in special exhibition on the basement floor aside of his solo show. We may sense another world from the mountain woods appears in the underground of central Tokyo.